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Tuxedo & Suits

Since the late 1800’s in the United States, men have worn dress coats and pants in association with social status or dinner wear. However, as the decades rolled on, a change began. What first started as a traditional black formal attire, only for certain class, new styles and colors began to appear that were worn by most. Grey, midnight blue and even pinstripe were seen. For each decade a particular style was represented, and today those styles are still recognized. Even with trends changing season to season, we find ourselves still resembling a similar look in historic menswear that has been carried down through generations.


Raffiné Bridal is proud to be partnered with award winning, Savvi Formalwear for your tuxedo and suit rental needs. Savvi Formalwear offers a broad selection of styles, with over 100 vest and tie color options. Services extend to all formal occasions including weddings, prom, special occasions and more.

The Rental Process

Tuxedo and suit rentals require an appointment. During the appointment, you will work one-on-one with a tuxedo consultant that walks you through the entire process of endless options.

Please note: Raffiné Bridal is primarily a bridal store and is a franchise of Savvi Formalwear. Therefore, spacing does not allow to have rentals readily available in store to try-on. Upon a consultation appointment, customers will select a style from the offered catalog and one free try-on will be provided at their second appointment (not available for non-wedding occasions). This will give brides and grooms the opportunity to view and try-on their selected items in advance of their wedding.

In addition, when you book with Raffiné Bridal, it is IMPORTANT to note that all rental pick-ups and drop-offs must be completed at Raffiné Bridal.