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Why Raffiné

Raffiné Bridal strives to be an industry leader by prioritizing customer service and creating an atmosphere that is comfortable and inviting for all.

Since the beginning, creating a shopping experience for Raffiné Bridal’s customers has been the owners number one priority. To maintain this experience, the owners make all efforts to work alongside the staff and customers. As the store has grown, the owners have stayed true to their roots and add staff that wants to be part of a family. A training process that follows under the owners, is the key to creating a sales team that appreciates the position of a bridal stylist. Working one-on-one with a bride and their group is meant to be special and intimate, giving the bride an experience that ultimately leads to finding their dream dress. Therefore, before a bridal stylist takes appointments, the owners and management make sure the training process has been successfully completed to ensure Raffiné Bridal’s vision and values are carried through. At Raffiné Bridal, our priority is you.

A Team of Highly
Trained Stylists

The training process to become a bridal stylist starts from the beginning. Under the owners, stylists begin an extensive training process that stresses the importance of the bridal experience. In addition, they are required to learn the industry fashions to better understand the wedding gowns. The bridal fabrications, styles and traditions are a huge motivator in what brides are looking for, so being aware of these factors is important for the entire team. Once the training has been completed, the owners continue to work closely with each consultant to be a constant support system and ensure the Raffiné Bridal experience never falls short.

A Private Experience For
You And Your Guests

When designing the layout of Raffiné Bridal, the first thing to be decided was the bridal fitting and viewing areas. When a bridal appointment is scheduled, each bride is assigned to their private fitting and viewing area, not shared by other customers in the store. The private viewing areas all feature a three-way-mirror and seating for guests.

Become a Raffiné Bride

Raffiné Bridal loves sharing real weddings! To be featured on the Raffiné Bridal Instagram or Facebook page, simply #RaffineBridal or mention @raffinebridal.